"My tutor was the greatest help to me during my application process to Oxford. She enabled me to broaden my ideas by exploring different arguments with me which I had not considered.  Her one-on-one tuition sessions with me also provided crucial informal interview practice which my school failed to give us."



Oxbridge Student, W11

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Oxbridge Entrance


Applying to Oxford or Cambridge can be a daunting prospect. We can provide candidates with a mentor who has been there, done it - and avoided the souvenir T-shirt.


Tutors for our Oxbridge Entrance service will provide an intensive period of preparation, building an understanding of what can be expected at interview, and helping to maximise the candidate’s frame of reference in order to give them the best possible chance of success.


Reading lists will be provided, along with coaching for any entrance tests. Mock interviews can be arranged to consolidate the preparation.


Oxford and Cambridge are looking for candidates who are not afraid to be challenged. HVT can guide able students in the right direction.





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