"We are extremely pleased with Hampstead Village Tutors... in a matter of days they had found a match for my son. My husband and I are very happy, as my son not only enjoys his lessons, but also his Maths results have improved! I have recommended HVT to many friends!"



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In a world in which the influence that cultures and continents have on one another grows stronger by the day, we believe that education must become more inventive, more resilient and more engaging.


Today's students will, over the course of their lives, be strengthened by access to sources of learning from more than one part of the world: from Kumon to foreign exchange trips; from innovative software to online lectures; from visiting tutors to international universities. The most ambitious teachers and companies will seek to become leaders in, or to draw influence from, the new network of global education.


Our Philosophy


We believe that private tuition should provide the student with the time and the support they need to learn effectively. When a tutor has the experience, the skills and the personal qualities to help the student work productively, results invariably follow.


Each of our tutors will begin by assessing the student's academic progress, their confidence levels and their organisational skills. Sparking the student's inspiration is the next step.


From there, tutors use their lessons to create a journey guided by the thrill of discovery and clear academic goals. They understand that they must work in synch with the student's classwork or their professional work. And they understand the importance of clear feedback, that helps to orientate both students and parents, without overloading either.


Two-thirds of our tutors went to either Oxford or Cambridge. The rest have attended the best universities in the world, from Imperial College to Harvard and Yale. They all share a proven ability to teach effectively. We interview every new tutor rigorously and observe a trial lesson to ensure they meet our standards.


We are always on hand to offer support and advice to our tutors. Together we can offer you a first-class service.





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