"We asked HVT to help prepare our daughter for the UK 11+ exam.  Living overseas, HVT was able to advise us on the UK curriculum, what to expect in the exam, practice with past exam papers as well as providing guidance on reading lists, study aids and much more. HVT have been an invaluable point of contact throughout the 11+ process for us.

We wouldn't hesitate to recommend HVT to any parent overseas considering tuition for their children."



Mother, Colombo,

Sri Lanka

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HVT International


Hampstead Village Tutors has an in-depth understanding of the UK school and university entrance systems, and a network of tutors who are ready to travel. Arranging for a specialist tutor to come and visit you and your family is a straightforward process, wherever you are based.


We can organise tuition for the short- or long-term. International members keep in regular contact with our office throughout the period of study, for advice on lessons and logistics.


Whether you are looking for a first-class tutor, or a governor or governess, please contact us to discuss the details.





When appropriate to the student's circumstances, tuition via Skype may be arranged through HVT.




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