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Guidance through the broader cultural context of the arts, politics and business may also be given. For expert help in a particular subject area, your mentor can refer you to a specialist tutor.






Whether in regards to your work or your personal world, working with an advisor who can help you to understand the subtleties of life in London and the rest of the country can allow you to fulfil your potential here - and to treat the UK like home.

Cultural Consultancy


Our Cultural Consultancy service offers members the chance to receive coaching in advanced English conversation and in-depth advice on matters of English culture. Our consultants will develop a structured course of lessons based around the particular needs of each student.


Understanding the obscure and unpredictable sides of the English language is critical: slang words, humour and irony can be engaged with, allowing those who are already adept at English to become ‘native’ speakers. Training in developing a clear English accent can also be provided if required.


The aim of our service is to allow those who wish to make the UK their home for the time being - or for good - to feel comfortable and included in the culture.



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